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The Professional Membership category is for qualified Positive Psychology Practitioners whose certification meets the criteria for Level 3 and is accredited by a professional body. Please note that this membership category includes free liability and insurance coverage for practice in the UK. To view the policy details, please see here. If you have any questions, please contact

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Please complete the name/s of the qualification/s you hold. The Professional Membership category is for qualified Positive Psychology Practitioners whose certification meets the criteria for Level 5 and above (equivalent to a foundation degree), and is externally accredited by a professional body.

Qualification Certificates & Scope of Practice

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Section C - Additional Information

Section D - Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Our code of professional conduct requires a commitment to using evidence-based practice and continuing professional development to keep up to date with emergent progress relevant to your practice. We expect practitioners to keep a written record of their CPD. CPD may (or may not) involve elements of reflective practice, research, ongoing training, attendance at conferences/ lectures or personal study. We have a broad view of CPD based on the benefits for: ● The practitioner, in terms of ongoing learning or skill/ personal development. ● The clients or service users. ● The quality of their practice or service delivery.

1. Reflective Practice (e.g., client notes review, reflective journal, peer practice groups, supervision)

2. Ongoing Learning / Training (e.g., personal study time/ books or journals read, lectures, courses, conferences etc.)

3. Research (e.g., publishing papers, involvement in studies, monitoring of before and after client measures etc.)

4. Other types of CPD

CPD Certificates

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Section E - Insurance

Important note: If you have alternative cover or are not eligible for the PPG insurance cover, please attach your valid certificate of insurance as appropriate to your geographical region of practice. If you practice in the areas of counselling, therapy or somatics, you may require additional insurance to that provided by the PPG policy. Please attach any appropriate certification if necessary.

Please attach your certificate of insurance for your geographical area if you are not based in the UK. If you have any queries about your insurance cover, please contact us at

Section F - Fields of Practice







Section G - Subject Expertise



Compassion & Self-Compassion

Flow & Engagement



Meaning & Purpose

Mindfulness & Meditation

Motivation & Change

Neuroscience of Wellbeing

Positive Child Development

Positive Emotions

Positive Health




Virtues & Values

Wellbeing & Flourishing

Other Subject Expertise

Section H - Domains of Practice

Individual Adults

Individual Children

Individual Adolescents




Positive Education

Organisations & Businesses

Clients with Physical Health Conditions

Clients with Mental Health Conditions

Vulnerable Clients e.g people with learning difficulties, trauma survivors

Other Domain of Practice

Please provide appropriate DBS certification for your areas of practice if you are resident in the UK.

If you do not have this, we are able to help you for an appropriate (non-profit) fee.

If your geographical region of practice requires you to have a criminal records check, please attach this.

If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact us at


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PPG Membership fees are payable annually and are valid for one year unless otherwise stated. Please note there are no refunds. To keep your membership active, annual payments must be kept up to date.