James McIntyre-Ure

I’m a Positive Psychology Practitioner and coach. I inspire people to be the best versions of themselves, plan the way to get there and provide accountability where needed to be successful. By working with clients on resilience, mindset, awareness and choice, they will be empowered with resources to improve their wellbeing.

For those interested in personal development, I specialize in sustainable behaviour change, developing confidence and gaining a greater sense of self-control (over impulses and emotions). For those with professional aims, I specialize in motivation, job crafting, relationship building and communication. My work is helpful for those suffering from stress, burnout, work/life imbalance and low confidence.

My techniques incorporate positive psychology and are supported by evidence-based research. I have a Level 5 Diploma in coaching and a strong background in education (a Degree, Master’s degree and over 15 years experience teaching in South Korea, Thailand, Spain, Malta, Ireland & Vietnam). My work on wellbeing for teachers has been showcased at multiple international conferences.
The concept of growth is fundamental to the things I enjoy and admire. What sets me apart from other coaches are my core values (cultivating mindset and relationships, honesty, courage, kindness and curiosity).