Jessica Jones

I combine experience in the field of recovery from trauma and addictions with evidence-based Positive Psychology practices, to provide future-facing coaching focused on recovery and post-traumatic growth.

Addiction and trauma has made life unbearable, so of course we want to be free of it right now. We begin by making today a kinder place to be. We do simple things like have a healthy meal, go for a walk, talk things through with a friend, or take time to do something that we love. Although we still look back at the wreckage of our past, with each new day it seems a little further away.

What comes next? Fear of the past might keep us sober for a while – yet living in fear is stultifying. There has to be something more. We begin to see new possibilities. We are faced with the evidence that we manage to get through all sorts of situations – from surviving a stressful day at work, to going to a party, to having a disagreement with a partner ¬– without falling back on our addiction. Day by day, we relax, and confidence grows. We begin to see ourselves as whole human beings with unique strengths and assets. Recovery is ultimately about authenticity – about knowing who we truly are and having the courage to live our vision.

Using a practical approach based in the theories and practices of Positive Psychology and post-traumatic growth I will work with you to build a personal daily process that will lead to a fulfilled and flourishing life.

I hold a Masters’ Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and am a trained Recovery Specialist and interventionist.