Nicola Morgan

I use Positive Psychology in my practice of coaching.

I began my career as a solicitor, which allowed me to develop deep listening and interviewing skills together with an analytical approach. I found my desire to help people was not being fulfilled in practising law, legal solutions were not the way I felt that I wanted to help, I craved more creativity.

I re-qualified as a teacher of English and worked in large secondary schools teaching literature – that was a lot of fun. I view literature as a type of positive psychology! For over ten years now, I have run Learn to Thrive coaching people through change and learning processes.

My love of literature has given me a deep interest in Poetry Therapy as a PP therapy and Writing for Wellbeing. I believe that people all deserve space in which to be held in unconditional positive regard and heard; this could be through talking ‘attention sessions’ or using writing, for example.

I am qualified to teach Mindfulness and Pilates and am conscious of the mind/body connection in wellbeing. I now have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and apply to this to all my work (and life).

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