Taghreed Saab

I am a Positive Psychology practitioner, a licensed Hypnotherapist, and a certified Professional Co-active Coach. I am also a Psych K practitioner and Laughter Yoga leader.

 I have spent several years accumulating knowledge, resources and expertise to support my clients with the best available practices & tools to overcome emotional and psychological obstacles that are preventing them from upgrading their life and becoming the best version of themselves.

My professional journey started eight years ago but my passion to work with people developed at a very early age supported by my innate talent as a natural-born empath. I was always looking for tools and ways to support others in their emotional healing journey and thankfully I was lucky enough to find diverse resources to sharpen my talent through years of studying and practicing.

My clients vary between teenagers, adult individuals, couples and groups. I offer pro-bono and barter sessions on a regular basis to support those who can’t afford the financial cost, especially during the past couple of years and the ongoing economic crisis.

Website: www.tagsaab.com

Linkedin: Taghreed Saab

Instagram: tag.saab