Verity Duncan

My background lies within the fields of leadership development, learning and development, adult education and, of course, Positive Psychology. I served for nine years as a logistician and then as an educator in the Regular Army, where I completed several tours of Afghanistan. After Regular service, I was lead for designing and managing several leadership development programmes for the UK’s largest youth charity. I have also worked as a leadership coach. Nowadays, as a Reservist, I work for the Centre for Army Leadership and am also a Senior Assessor for the Army’s Climate Assessment team.

Additionally, by combining what I’ve learnt from my varied background, I have both designed and delivered several Positive Psychology interventions, all of which I’ve been delighted to hear have been highly valued by participants.

After having had to navigate some turbulent changes in life, including job losses, I had an enormous ‘Eureka’ moment on the MAPP; I realised that Positive Psychology may help people both weather life’s storms and also support them as they move forwards, build resources and, ultimately, thrive. This profound insight has led me to begin developing a Positive Psychology Intervention for women who have been medically discharged from the Armed Forces, a group which research indicates may find the transition most challenging.

Qualifications: Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Human Resource Development, Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Practice and Innovation, Level 7 CIPD Certificate in Human Resources Development, L5 ILM certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, currently Year 2 MAPP student.

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