The Positive Psychology Guild is a Not for Profit Organisation and a government registered learning provider with a UK Provider Reference Number: 10067939. We are also a CPD certified Provider dedicated to raising the standards of training and continuing professional development.


The Positive Psychology Guild (PPG) was formed with a constitution and a charter containing the following objectives:

  1. professional membership body for Positive Psychology Practitioners and Autism Awareness Practitioners, including coaches, trainers, facilitators, educators, and counsellors;
  2. Independent Accreditation for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing Training CPD courses and events;
  3. Dedicated to providing training and educational activities for disadvantaged and disengaged members of the community;
  4. Enhancing human potential, happiness, wellbeing and flourishing;
  5. A thought leader within the field of Positive Psychology and Autism Awareness, and their applications across industry, culture and communities.