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Özlem Beldan

Özlem (she/her) is a women’s wellbeing educator and practitioner. She has over 15 years of corporate experience across various disciplines, such as Accounting, Marketing, People

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Danielle Dakin

Danielle is a qualified master and practitioner of Positive Psychology. Additionally, she is a certified coach, trainer delivering webinars and workshops and author of Confidence through

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Syd Lewis

Syd is an accredited Counsellor, CBT Therapist, Applied Positive Psychology Practioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Addiction Professional and Auricular Practitioner. He works for one of the

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Sarah Monk

Sarah Monk is a Chartered Psychologist, Positive Psychology (PP) Practitioner (MAPP), Registered Coaching Psychologist, ACT Therapist, and Mindfulness and Meditation teacher. She has a background

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