Jane Jennison

Jane is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach.  She has a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology, and a Level 7 qualification in Wellbeing In Coaching.  She is trained in a range of therapeutic interventions, including Theraplay, Dydic Developmental Psychotherapy, Parenting and Practice (DDP) and Person-Centered Art Therapy, all of which inform her work.

Jane works one-to-one with individuals wishing to increase their wellbeing and build authentic happiness into their life.  Jane also runs workshops for corporate clients and groups on building resilience, using Character Strengths, Ho Journaling can boost wellbeing, and finding Meaning and Purpose.

Jane is co-founder and co-organiser of the Positive Psychology Summit: UK, a series of online and in-person events bringing practitioners together.

Jane has co-authored ‘Happier at home: a guided Positive Psychology journal for parents and carers’, and ‘Happier at work; a guided Positive Psychology Journal’. She has also produced sets of Strengths cards endorsed by the VIA Character Institute, and sets of ‘Positive Prompts’, cards for journaling and more!

Jane is also a Trustee for Home for Good: Suffolk and a Safeguarding Trainer for the Eastern Baptist Association.