Romy Brooks

Romy Brooks is a holistic therapist and coach with a special interest in the relationship of the mind, body and spirit and how we navigate the integration of these in our journey back to Self.  She graduated from Bucks New University with a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology in Coaching and combines these with her training in drama, clinical hypnotherapy, psychosexual therapy and embodiment coaching to offer one-to-one sessions, creative workshops and talks. 

She works with corporate clients delivering strengths-based workshops in person and on zoom. 

Romy enjoys being a guest lecturer at Northampton University and is currently working as part of a creative team for SuperBrain Heroes Ltd – a children’s educational programme bringing neuroscience, embodiment, nutrition and psychology to life through animated neurons! 

She has worked in the charity sector delivering training courses; working with vulnerable families and offering therapeutic sessions. 

She has a personal interest in autism and when her children were young she ran workshops, delivered PECS training and set up playgroups for neurodiverse children. 

Romy has a particular interest in sexual embodiment and its impact on Self and relationships and is looking to do further research in this field. 

Romy flourishes in her own neurodiversity (most of the time!) and can usually be found in a wood, by water or up a tree. She identifies as a faerie but only on weekends! You can reach her by fishing rod, smoke signals or telepathy but failing that: 

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