Tracy Bevan

I am a coaching psychologist using evidence based positive psychology tools to support people to thrive. I work in areas of confidence, motivation and compassion, in particular supporting people to manage life transitions, work related stress, coping with change and overwhelm, helping you recognise and move past the blocks that are holding you back.

Positive psychology coaching is about moving forward in life and creating new opportunities. That’s not always easy in times of change or when your confidence is low. It is easy to feel stuck. Rebuilding psychological resources like hope and resilience means you are better equipped to interpret thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. This in turn allows shifts perspectives and creates possibility.

My passion is helping people discover what they are good at and what brings them meaning. These are the signposts that promote motivation, inspiration and thriving. I coach people to plan and take the practical steps toward the change they want by focusing on their strengths to find a clearer picture of their goals.

I qualified as a coach in 2022 following a decision in 2019 to change career. I undertook an MSc in Psychology followed by a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Coaching. I bring 20 years of experience of working in the social housing sector to my practice which gives me a solid understanding of frontline roles with the stress and potential for burnout and compassion fatigue that entails.

In addition to one to one coaching I also offer coaching on wellbeing, resilience and strengths to small groups.