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The Register of Practitioners is open throughout the year for applications from Professional Members of the Positive Psychology Guild.

The purpose of the Register of Practitioners is to facilitate the professional standing of Positive Psychology Practitioners and to support the development of the profession in a manner that is ethical and transparent concerning the competencies of individuals. This is particularly important as Positive Psychology spans involvement in diverse areas of psychological intervention, such as coaching, counselling, education, training and research, to name a few.

Becoming a registered Positive Psychology Practitioner means that you are committed to engaging in learning and development, and furthering your professional capacity to support your client needs. This commitment will be an ongoing process throughout your professional life as you become in a leader in your area/s of practice.

The Guild provides clear guidelines on the qualifications needed for membership at its practitioner member level (Professional). The Register of Practitioners aims to take this assurance of competence one step further by providing a process for individuals to demonstrate their ongoing engagement and development as a Practitioner in a manner comparable to other similar professions.

As a registered practitioner, you will engage in an annual review process. Both the registration process and the annual review are designed to be a supportive, collaborative and reflective experience.

Initial entry to the register requires a more detailed inquiry so that you can demonstrate your skills and competencies. Thereafter, on an annual basis, the review allows you to reevaluate these skills and competencies using a checkbox approach. This allows you to add new areas of expertise and highlight those that are no longer relevant.

Registration Criteria

To join the register, you must hold Professional Membership with the Guild. This is our practitioner membership category. For more information on becoming a practitioner member, please click here.

Registration Process

During your membership application, you will be asked to join the register. This is a mandatory requirement for Professional members. You will be asked to fill out a form and confirm whether you are insured to practice.

If you are based in the UK, you may join the Guild insurance scheme. This is offered free of charge to practitioner members living and working in this area. If you are based outside of the UK, you will be required to find a local insurance provider for your practice.

The registration form will also include questions on your:

  • Qualifications
  • Practical Experience
  • Field/s of Practice
  • Subject Expertise
  • Domain/s of Practice

To learn more about the above areas, please read on.

Fields of Practice

The register is open to Professional members who are applying Positive Psychology in the following fields of practice:

  • Coaching
  • Counselling*
  • Facilitation
  • Research
  • Somatics*
  • Teaching
  • Training

During your application, you will be required to present relevant experience, qualifications, and courses completed in your field/s of practice.

*Practice in the areas of Counselling and Somatics may not be covered by the Guild insurance, and you may be required to provide evidence of your insurance in these field/s from an alternative provider.

Subject Expertise

Your subject expertise will be based on formal education and training. For example, through a MAPP or PPG Diploma module or unit. You will also have (or be seeking to gain) practical experience in your chosen area/s, which may include:

  • Authenticity
  • Compassion & Self-Compassion
  • Flow & Engagement
  • Hope
  • Meaning & Purpose
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Motivation & Change
  • Neuroscience of Wellbeing
  • Positive Child Development
  • Positive Emotions
  • Positive Health
  • Resilience
  • Strengths
  • Virtues & Values
  • Wellbeing & Flourishing

There is also the option to provide other area/s of subject expertise not listed above on your form.

Domains of Practice

This section of the registration form refers to your clientele and how you practice with them. For example, through one-to-one coaching, as a primary school class teacher, or through a grant-funded research project.

The domains include:

  • Individual Adults
  • Individual Children
  • Individual Adolescents
  • Groups (you will be required to specify which ones)
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Positive Education
  • Organisations & Businesses
  • Clients with Physical Conditions
  • Clients with Mental Health Conditions
  • Vulnerable Clients (e.g. people with learning difficulties, trauma survivors)

There is also the option to provide other domain/s of practice not listed above on your form.

Code of Professional Conduct

Our code of professional conduct (please click here to view this document) requires a commitment to using evidence-based practice and continuing professional development (CPD) to keep up to date with emergent progress relevant to your practice. You will be requested to sign and adhere to this code as a practitioner member.

As a registered practitioner, you will also be required to keep a written record of your CPD. Your CPD may (or may not) involve elements of reflective practice, research, ongoing training, attendance at conferences/ lectures or personal study. We have a broad view of CPD based on the benefits for:

  • Yourself as the practitioner, in terms of ongoing learning or skill/ personal development;
  • Your clients or service users;
  • The quality of your practice or service delivery.

How to Join…

New Professional member applications, please complete the form here.


If you are an existing Professional member but are not yet on the register, please contact us at: to complete the existing member’s form.

A member of our team will reach out to you and guide you through the registration process.