Positive Organisations Webinar Series

Work is a massive part of our lives, and whether we enjoy our work or not impacts our wellbeing more than we often realise. Many of us have experienced workplaces that are detrimental to our mental and physical health and make that Monday morning feeling of ‘oh not again’ such a part of our lives that we can forget that life is meant to be enjoyed.

The joy of working in an organisation that positively benefits the wellbeing of its employees is like having a light switched on after a period of darkness. Growth is encouraged, and people are genuinely invested in each other’s wellbeing. Employees are not just a means to an end but rather the heart and soul of the organisation.

Positive Organisations prioritise creating a culture that fosters resilience, collaboration, and empowerment. In such environments, leaders encourage their employees to take risks and express their ideas without fear of judgment or retribution. This type of freedom leads to increased creativity and innovation, which can significantly impact an organisation’s success. The benefits of a Positive Organisation may be numerous. Not only might employees feel happier and healthier, but they also might become more engaged and committed to their work.

But how do organisations manage this? What does a Positive Organisation look like? And how can the growth of Positive Organisations be facilitated?

To answer these questions and more, a panel of experts has come together to share their insights and expertise.

What is a Positive Organisation?

The first webinar in this series, Thursday, 13th April 2023, led by Diane Dreher, PhD, PCC and Reece Coker, MAPP, PhD Cand., will explore the evolution of Positive Organisations. They will discuss the concept of a psychologically informed environment at work and how we can develop Positive Organisational Cultures that are growth-oriented rather than fear-based.

Creating Positive Leadership and Management

In the second webinar, Thursday, 11th May 2023, Ilene Berns-Zare, PsyD, PCC and Kay Melton, MSc, PPGDip, will present practical strategies for facilitating Positive Leadership and Management. Ilene will discuss the importance of mindful and compassionate approaches to leadership and wellbeing, while Kay will explore a strengths-based approach to engaging new and aspiring managers in the workplace.

Building Positive Communities

Finally, in the third webinar, Thursday, 8th June 2023, Rebecca Jackson, PhD, Linda Bonnar, PCC, and Syd Lewis, Certified Counsellor, will present ethnographic and professional perspectives on Positive Communities. Rebecca will present on autism and neurodiversity in the workplace, Linda will share her research on body compassion in female competitive runners, and Syd will discuss emerging research and practice on character strengths in prison populations with drug addiction.

What Facilitates and Obstructs Positive Organisations?

Throughout the series, the panel of experts will discuss what facilitates the growth of Positive Organisations, such as positive leadership, psychological safety, mutual respect and trust, teamwork, and wellbeing. They will also explore obstacles to creating Positive Organisations, such as dominant power models and fear-based cultures.

Whether you’re an organisational leader, manager, or simply interested in creating more positive environments at work, this webinar series offers valuable insights and practical strategies. Join the conversation and learn how to create cultures of growth and wellbeing in your organisation. The webinars will be recorded for later viewing, so you can participate even if you can’t attend live.

Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards building a Positive Organisation.

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